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Our ambition

EV4SCC brings together cities and regions with companies to showcase innovative electro-mobility solutions and to support their replication at scale in key market segments such as:

  • Intelligent management of public and private fleets of electric-vehicles
  • Smart urban logistics with light e-vehicles
  • Smart electrification of public transport
  • Innovative integrated infrastructure solutions
  • Smart electro-mobility solutions that serve multi-modal mobility services

EV4SCC main goal is to create a dynamic European market place for smart electromobility solutions and a collaborative innovation platform.


Our case

EV4SCC will provide particular opportunities for smaller and medium-sized cities. The platform will provide dedicated expertise, animation and support to:

  • Champion the needs of cities and regions, the capabilities of practitioners and the benefits of smart electromobility solutions.

  • Connect practitioners, problem-solvers and procurers in an engaged community.

  • Accelerate the deployment, replication and adaptation of solutions across Europe.

EV4SCC will look, in particular, at opportunities for smaller and medium-sized cities.


Our effort

74 partners from 19 countries (see map below), including 19 cities and regions, have joined the collaborative platform so far. Our ecosystem of public and private stakeholders represents a convergence of energy, transport and ICT to advance innovative solutions. It will facilitate open innovation, information sharing and collaborative problem solving.

Map: Number of participating partners in EV4SCC per country.

In each market segment a city, together with companies, will take a lead for promoting replication of a tested innovation. 

With the right support and collaboration, the EV4SCC Platform envisages the following outcomes: 

  • 50 cities from across Europe to join the platform.

  • 50% SME participation in the EV4SCC platform, supporting SME growth and competitiveness.

  • 50% increase in the number of active collaborations between EV4SCC partners.

  • 50 new projects by the end of 2017 which will focus on one of the key market segments.


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Our approach

Urban Foresight is the lead organisation coordinating the EV4SCC platform. The platform was officially launched on 28 January 2016, when representative cities signed a manifesto to action in the presence of  Violeta Bulc, Commissioner for Transport.

After the initiative has been launched at the end of January, we have aimed at establishing targeted collaboration for replication. Support to the collaborative innovation platform is sought in 2016 through various project proposals by partners.


Our action

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Latest news 

The EIP-SCC 2016 General Assembly break-out session on Electromobility was divided in four different groups of discussions:

2 groups set up a consortium planning to apply for next call of H2020:

  • E-freight will apply for GV8-2017 call and set up a group of freight operators together with cities (Denmark + FREVUE team). They want to sign a declaration to commit to the deployment e-freight.
  • E-Planning and smart charging, lead by Ille de France, will apply for MG4.2017. The process is open for other cities that want to join the group.

2 groups set a precise date for follow up meetings (closed):

  • E-fleet met on June 29th 2016 with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to discuss the possibility for the deployment 2500 vehicles in 5 countries.
  • E-bus will meet on September 21st and 22nd 2016 in Gothenburg during the Electro-mobility in Smart Cities event. The objective is to gain support for the deployment of electric buses. 


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